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See a glimpse of my work and what I can do. Click each category to see the full gallery.



Portraits, events, people, pets, music, wildlife, product, professional, brand and travel photography.

Photography is definitely my passion and my favourite thing to do! With 6 years of experience, I have photographed everything from people to concerts to wildlife to travel and I love it!


Graphic Design

Graphic design & content for social media, blogs, Pinterest etc.

I create everything from logos to branding guides to individual graphics, templates and designs for blogging, social media purposes or other reasons! I work and have worked with multiple brands as well as create content for my own personal brands.

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Social MEDIA management and creation

Photography, branding and graphic design content creation

I run 4 brands on Instagram and create all the content as well as manage the social medias. Combined I have over 27,000+ followers!

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Live-action video and motion graphics - or a combination of both!

Freelance videographer with a hint of motion graphic expertise. Was team lead for the first place winning video and motion graphics project at Algonquin College RE/Action Showcase. Volunteer videographer for Women's March Ottawa and occasional club shoot.


Side gigs

Freelance & product sales

If it wasn't obvious, I like to keep myself busy and I like to experiment with some different side gigs. I freelance other things not mentionned above such as vector tracing, image extractions, digital portraits. I also sell four-leaf clover keychains and some merch I designed!

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Photographer, writer and graphic designer to multiple blogs

I contribute to many local blogs about concerts, lifestyle, tips and tricks, music, things to do and love to support local businesses!

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Web Design

Website design & mockups

I designed and developed this website as well as my concert blog I will create a web mockup for your website! 

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