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I'm Morgan

I'm a thirty-something florist from Adelaide, Australia with a passion for seasonal, sustainable blooms and romantic compositions.

I work from my beautiful garden studio in the Adelaide Hills, growing some of the florals I use in the weddings I flower. 

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine


so, Why do you need a wedding florist anyway?

There are so many reasons why hiring a professional florist makes sense for your wedding...from understanding the science of each variety of flower, to knowing what is seasonal and cost effective.

Not only that, but we understand the structural requirements of building arbour installations, how to hand-tie intricate and sprawling bouquets, and how to perfectly attach a boutonnières to a grooms lapel.

Decrease your stress levels and have me take care of all your floral needs...

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Rustic Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Flowers

Nature Wedding Photography


Making Flower Arrangements


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Fall in love

with flowers...

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Love is the flower, for

which love is the honey

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